General Delivery
All our agreements are general delivery and sales conditions apply.

1. Orders and agreements
All orders and agreements through the web store Sportbrace.nl closed and where
Sportbrace.nl party, those terms apply.
By the conclusion of an agreement between you and through Sportbrace.nl
the step by step ordering procedure, as outlined in the
menu to place an order, you accept these conditions.

2. Conditions
Sportbrace.nl has the right conditions and content of the online shop to change.

3. Exceptions
After written consent Spotbrace.nl may in special cases deviate from certain conditions,excluding other conditions, will continue to apply.

4. Acknowledgement
All products shown are subject, until the acknowledgment is received.

5. Agreement
The agreement between Sportbrace.nl and you created when you place an order
placed in the shop of Sportbrace.nl by correctly entering your personal information,by the Order and then click Next button, then the acknowledgment
you at your specified e-mail.

6. Evidence of transfer / electronic communications
The administration of Sportbrace.be applies, subject to proof, if proof of your to Sportbrace.nl assigned and payments made by Sportbrace.nl and supplies.
Sportbrace.nl acknowledges that electronic communications can serve as proof. By accepting these terms you acknowledge this as well.

The acknowledgment indicates at least the following information:
Confirmation number, product description, number, price, your choice or pick up your product with us
Kerkweg A2 junction 45a to Zijderveld (12) Everdingen (The Netherlands) or for delivery to address choose your name, address, email address and telephone number (s).
The shipping address is your home address, or else the indicated shipping address.

8. Risk and transport
The risk during transport, if we are concerned, the products ordered will be borne by Sportbrace.nl and concern at the time of delivery to you
Delivery for the whole Belgium. Provided accessible by road.

9. Delivery
From the time that you order one of our staff has finally spoken delivery usually within 5 business days.
If your ordered products are not available, we will, following inquiries of our supplier inform you about the expected delivery date.

10. Returns
If you have a product for whatever reason do not wish to purchase,
you have the right product within five (5) days after delivery to Sportbrace.nl to return.
Returns are only accepted if the wrong brace as new and packaging of the product is undamaged, also applies that the costs for returns are at your expense.

11. Data and privacy
Sportbrace.nl abides by the Data Protection Act.
The information you provide to Sportbrace.be personal information will only be for employees of Sportbrace.nl used internally, for sending product and to verify
of receiving payment from you to Sportbrace.nl
We are no data available to third parties.

12. Warranty
All products from Sportbrace.nl is a guarantee of 6 weeks if used according to regulations.

13. Customer and any comments or complaints
All correspondence on the basis of these conditions must take place with:
Kerkweg 45a 4121 KR Zijderveld (Everdingen) Netherlands
Email: info@sportbrace.nl

14.  Dutch law and dispute
All agreements concluded with Dutch law is Sportbrace.nl

Terms for returning products

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