ASO ankle bandage

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The ASO ankle orthosis ® provides effective support and stability around the ankle and is preventive and also used therapeutically.

The combination of excellent functionality, simple construction,
maximum comfort and extremely strong materials, the ASO ankle orthosis ® - particularly in sports - very popular.
Outstanding performance enkel stability (ability to the ankle in 90 ° position and therefore an alternative to tape)
Will the sock or stocking in any garment or shoe worn (for optimal results, a lace-up shoes recommended) 
High medial and lateral stability by strengthening two separate elements (depending on the indication, these
be deployed or withdrawn) Very strong quality through the use of ballistic nylon
The unique strap system is optimally adjust the orthosis, without having to take off shoes before
Breathable tongue and Achilles Support
Sprain / sprain
Pulled / torn ankle ligaments
Irritated ankle
Tendon Disorders
Recurrent sprains
portable tape instability left and right
Colors: black and white
use the shoe as a guide, however you measure the exact size of the instep / heel size over the socks or stockings.
Size Shoe size Hiel-/wreefomvang
X-small 34-36 26 to 28 cm
small 37-40 28 to 31 cm
medium 41-43 31-33 cm
large 44-46 33-36 cm
x-large 47-48 36-37 cm
xx-large > 48 37-41 cm

The delivery time after receipt of payment from 1 to 3 business days.