Actimove Talomotion enkelbrace

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De Actimove Talomotion is een anatomisch gevormde enkelbandage die het enkelgewricht ontlast, comprimeert en actief ondersteunt.

More information:
The viscoelastic pad provides a continuous massage of the surrounding tissue. This improves blood flow, causing the pain and swelling to disappear. The bandage has an excellent fit and can be worn in any (sports) shoe.

Indications: Inversion trauma, Surmenage, Post-traumatic disorders, Hematoma and swelling.

XS: 17 - 19 cm
S : 19 - 21 cm
M : 21 - 23 cm
L : 23 - 25 cm
XL: 25 - 27 cm
XXL: 27-29 cm

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