Back brace


A Back Brace and / or Back Bandage is very suitable to support the back where it is extra needed. For example with conditions such as Osteoarthritis (spondylosis), Osteoporosis, Slipping of vertebrae (spondylisthesis) But also with a Hernia in the low back (HNP), extra support or protection is desired to reduce the load on the nerve root.

A Back Brace provides strength and protection

A Back Bandage or Back Bandage gives space to the nerve roots by means of decompression and gives firmness and protection around the back, which inhibits movements where necessary and relieves the muscles.

The pelvis is also an important part of low back pain as a foundation under the low back. The cause of many low back problems is also in the SI joint. A Pelvic Band can offer a solution for this.

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